Tips for Distance Learning

Distance Learning will be a new reality for many of us beginning tomorrow, September 8th. These are uncharted waters for both teachers and parents alike. Let’s be real, the challenges are far-reaching. Jessie, one of our cohosts, has been knee-deep in Distance Learning for 5 weeks now. She has 3 children under the age of 8, and the juggling act has not been easy. However, she has found some ways to adjust. She spoke to Baltimore Magazine Features Editor Janelle Erlichman Diamond about some of her experiences and tips. They are applicable to anyone about to dive into Distance Learning. Click here for the story.

Best of luck tomorrow. Remember, kids are resilient. We will get through this challenging time and, as Erlichman said, “We need to be kind to ourselves”.

Thank you Baltimore Magazine for the tips!


Tips for Distance Learning

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