Fantasticks Gelato Pops Up

I couldn’t find my destination. I drove in circles around One Loudoun for 15 minutes not wanting to publicize my inept relationship with Waze. Finally, I called out to a teenage pedestrian, “Do you know where Fantasticks is?” She looked pensive then apologetic. I added another clue, “I hear it’s a popsicle shop”. Her eyes lit up and she smiled broadly. “It’s right over there, she said pointing over her shoulder.”   “Just park right here, walk this way and there it is!” I interpreted her enthusiasm as a wordless thumbs up review of Fantasticks, one of the newest seasonal pop ups at One Loudoun in Ashburn. I was moments away from an identical review.

Fantasticks had opened just six days earlier for their first day of business in One Loudoun.  Anusha, who owns Fantasticks with her husband, said they were absolutely thrilled with the turnout on that first day and since. She mentioned their own campaign to advertise the opening in advance but happily credited social media for driving popsicle-hungry customers to their door en masse. There was a line but moving quickly from popsicle selections to dippings to toppings to register. Most folks headed to one of the umbrella covered patio tables on the wooden deck flanking Fantasticks to consume their creations.

First of all, these aren’t your average popsicles. They’re rich, creamy gelato and sorbets in popsicle form. Each recipe is handcrafted by Anusha and the formulas whipped up in their Maryland shop, which is larger but with far less flavor options. The pops which are delicious even un-topped, are all tempting maybe because they are beautiful but definitely because of the flavors. Choices range from a crowd favorite, Cookies and Creme with real Oreo Cookie halves pressed into the popsicle like stained glass, or kids’ favorites, the very blue Birthday Cake and the very pink Strawberry. All the sorbets and dippings are vegan. Other pop flavors are pale pink Rose, very green Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, S’mores, and so many more. After the popsicle base is chosen, you move on down the line to the colorful dippings. We chose standards dark chocolate and white chocolate but there was also blue and yellow and more. Final stop is a colorful zigzag of icing and sprinkle of tiny crunchies. Each popsicle is served up in a rectangular box with sides to contain drips. Just Fantastick!

Fantasticks is located at 44715 Thorndike Street, One Loudoun, Ashburn, VA 20147; 765-360-9650;

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