But First… Coffee.

You know you love it…You know you live on it…You know you LOOK FORWARD to it, everyday.

For many, drinking coffee is an experience… and the place where you enjoy it enhances that experience even more.

Feeling pensive? Productive? Festive? Are you relaxed or looking to be energized? Are you in the mood for friends, or is a little “me” time at the corner table more your speed?

A coffee shop just might be your go-to for any and all of these moods. We’ve picked our favorites in the historic town of Leesburg to sip, socialize, relax and enjoy!

1. Shoes Cup and Cork

Once a shoe repair store, Shoes Cup and Cork is now an eclectic coffee house that features three distinct dining areas. Whether you want to dine outside in the secret garden (shhhh…) or upstairs in the Poker Room -designed to emulate a Roaring 20’s poker lounge, Shoes has got your needs covered! And with the multitude of events, including musicians, trivia, parties, and classes, Shoes is truly in tune with the ‘sole’ of Leesburg!

2. Portside Coffee

The beach sparks images of sailors and exploration, of a new world to explore and a sense of adventure. Portside Coffee takes this abstract concept and personifies it in their art deco style café- a place to enjoy new and fresh cuisine and local sites!
Featuring coffee that comes from as far away as Vietnam, Peru, and Ethiopia, this coffee house features delicious apple strudels and a cup of joe that can’t be beat!

3. Trinity House Café

Trinity House Café is passionate about bringing the community together with one delicious cup of coffee at a time. This café is actually an outreach of the John Paul II Fellowship, a Christian non-profit group that provides delicious coffee, sandwiches, and snacks at good prices- but not for profit. Not only will one find a great collection of events (including talks, concerts, and family friendly shows) but Trinity House Café also features a cozy interior that will make you feel right at home.

4. King Street Coffee

Location, location, location. One of the most important parts of a great café is a great location, especially if you want to take part in great local community based get togethers and activities. King Street Coffee, located on King Street and near the W&OD trail, King Street is the center hub of Leesburg. Not only is King Street Coffee a perfect place to encompass the Leesburg spirit, it also features a delicious cappuccino and a sweet affogato gelato which is a gelato with a double ristretto shot poured on the top. We also love King Street coffee for their commitment to Lone Oak Coffee Co which roasts their beans 50 minutes away in Winchester, VA.

5. Bean Bar

With a European feel from the seamless blend of industrial and rustic decor, the Bean Bar is the perfect location to enjoy from morning to night! With local art displayed, Bean Bar is all about creating a great experience and creating conversations over coffee, tea, beer and wine. Whether you are meeting up with friends, spending time alone, or to indulging in some sumptuous treats and handcrafted espresso based drinks (they make a mean vanilla latte), Bean Bar is a great place to take root and settle in.


Top 5 Coffee Shops in Leesburg

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