Have Fun at the Tarara Summer Concert Series


The Tarara Summer Concert Series is celebrating its 20th year! We can’t wait to dance, drink wine, and have fun with friends and family. There are twenty amazing concerts lined up this season beginning May 25th. Visit tararaconcerts.com for the full concert schedule. Through April 30th, Tarara will be offering $100 season passes. That’s $5 a concert! Email info@tararaconcerts.com to order your season pass.

This is sponsored by Tarara Summer Concert Series.


Ken DuPuis

Ken loves visually creating the perfect frame… “It’s not always about the composition, but that emotion inside the frame. The story. That is what drives me.” Ken has directed commercials, music videos and TV show opens for the company he founded, Smash! TV, in Los Angeles and has over 30 years in the television industry. Currently Ken produces the video for Inside Loudoun and for his company Digital Spoon.
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