LightUp Fest at One Loudoun

Wow! LightUp Fest is magical. Over 70 light displays and over one million lights.

LightUp Fest is located at 44600 FREETOWN BLVD ASHBURN VA 20147 


Jerald Roberts

Born in Maryland and raised in Ashburn, Jerald is an accomplished musician and rising filmmaker. He studied at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, where he graduated with a dual emphasis in Music and Political Science. While there, he worked behind-the-scenes for 2 years as an audio engineer and producer for broadcast and web-streaming content. After graduation, he began studying cinematography, a subject that combined his imagination nurtured in music with the critical thinking he learned in political science. “I love cinematography because I get to merge the technical and creative aspects of my personality. I love to innovate and bringing visions to life through unique images excites me! I focus on lighting, framing, and camera movement because you can communicate ideas and emotions without using dialogue. From the outside looking in it’s like magic and I love that subtlety.” Jerald still moonlights as a professional recording artist, songwriter, and producer and freelances in the film industry on commercial and documentary productions. When taking it easy he enjoys going to the movies with his wife Christina and grilling over charcoal with his family in Ashburn.
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