Autobahn Indoor Speedway: Put the Pedal to Metal

There’s an indoor go-kart racetrack in Sterling called Autobahn Indoor Speedway, named after a famous German roadway completed in 1932. The German Autobahn is famous because on certain portions of the roadway with no intersections or pedestrians to slow traffic, there are also no posted speed limits. The Autobahn Indoor Speedway doesn’t post speed limits either. Their super go-karts, called Pro-Karts, are Italian made, feature electric engines with great torque, four point safety harnesses, dual disc brakes for controlled braking and are said to be capable of 50 mph when in the hands of skilled drivers.

One recent rainy afternoon, we had a blast checking out their circuitous track in Sterling. After registering at one of their apple computer stations, getting a required safety lesson and Speedway license, our drivers donned a black head sock and helmet, strapped themselves into one among a fleet of racy-looking Italian pro-karts and lined up to enter the track where they looked to the uniformed flagman to wave his flag signaling the start.

First time around, some drivers adjusted cautiously to the winding track while others blew out of the start “gate” taking a few clips, grunts and bumps against the rubber rails to learn the flow. After the second of several rounds, I was amused to hear some discussion (aka whining) from our crew of drivers accustomed to the automatic transmissions of their everyday lives. “You really take the turns in your arms”, they lamented and then, beaming from ear to ear, “My arms are shaking right now!” WOAH! The team did redeem themselves when, in spite of this wimpy conversation, they valiantly and with fortitude, reapplied their head socks and climbed enthusiastically back behind the wheel to do it all again and again and again. Clearly on this day, Autobahn Indoor Speedway elevated some heart rates, got adrenalin pumping, elicited some on-track victory cheers and even worked arm muscles for this team of unsuspecting pro-kartists.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway welcomes birthday parties, corporate and family events. Recently, even a 92-year great grandmother who came with her family enjoyed a few spins around the track. Autobahn’s popularity has led to adult and soon to be junior racing leagues. You do have to be 8 years old and 48” tall to drive the track. You do not need reservations though it’s advisable to check the wait in advance.

Autobaun Indoor Speedway is located at 45448 E Severn Way #150, Sterling, VA 20166. Their hours are Monday to Thursday 11 am-10 pm, Friday 11 am to midnight, Saturday 10 am to midnight, Sunday 10 am to 10 pm.


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