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From Daybreak Onward, Daybreak Kitchen and Biscuit Company

Daybreak Kitchen and Biscuit Company is not only a Northern Virginia premiere breakfast establishment, but also an all day culinary experience. Indulge your morning at Daybreak with mimosas alongside a delicious breakfast biscuit layered with optional toppings designed by you, your afternoon at Crooked Run Brewing craft beer and Senor Ramon Taqueria and return for Daybreak’s evening offerings, the menu, the cocktails and cold pressed juices from Nectar Cocktail Bar and the live music. All these options are located within a collective space on Davis Drive in Sterling.

Lee Rogan, Daybreak Kitchen co owner, with Jake Endres and Damien of Senior Ramon’s Taqueria, says Daybreak Kitchen all started because of the success of Damien’s Senor Ramon’s. In addition to the Taqueria, Damien is the owner of at least seven highly successful restaurants in Leesburg, Chantilly, Reston, andFalls Church. As if that isn’t enough, he is a top chef at Daybreak.

At one time, food trucks were the only source of tacos and beer. Taqueria rolls into town and has it all, plus the craft beer at Crooked Run. As the brewery started getting packed and the Taqueria grew more and more successful, the idea for Daybreak Kitchen emerged. The hard part, says Lee, is getting folks through the door for the first time to see and sample all the offerings. Once in, they come back again and again for all of it. Hence the concrete floor at Daybreak Kitchen is ready for dancing to live music or for sliding Daybreak’s multi tasking chairs from morning to night.

Daybreak’s menu is unrivaled for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all three. You choose your biscuit or your bread from classic biscuits, jalapeno cheddar buns, potato brioche, even belgian waffles as in the Steak & Waffle, with sautéed steak, baby arugula onions, roasted tomatoes, cheddar and house gravy. You choose the prep of your protein from fried, sautéed, grilled, and marinated. The 3X Between Bread pairs that jalapeno cheddar bun with spicy fried chicken, caramelized onion, mango habanero paste, pepper jack cheese and more. Sides include rustic polenta and grilled truffle asparagus. There are salads,seafood and sweets, like the Bella with cranberry walnut toast, lavender honey mascarpone, fresh berries and caramelized bananas.

A stage that can easily house at least a five member band and accoutrements fills a corner of the large floor at Daybreak where they have hosted a battle of the bands for four weekends as well as all styles of music from country to jazz to rock. Daybreak Kitchen takes their music seriously! With all of its offerings, Daybreak is an ideal spot for a large group event. Lee mentioned an important client who came with 250 guests, and was so pleased that he’s returning this year with 300. On a regular day, they can seat 85 inside and 65 out. For your events, they can use the entire space and have the capacity for hundreds of guests.

Lee says if you take ownership of a chair at Daybreak in the morning, that chair will draw you back for more, to repossess that chair for a meal, to hear great music, to indulge in a cocktail a la Mitch, the bartender who is up for Bartender of the Year, and who every two weeks conjures up new cocktails to entice and bedazzle; like his mysterious and delicious bourbon drink swirling with fruit and decorated with a purple flower that he kindly let us sample. Daybreak isn’t just a place to go. It’s a “Get Out Loudoun” place, a place to hang out, to celebrate, to feel good, to dance, to eat well and to return again and again.

Daybreak Kitchen & Biscuits, 22455 Davis Dr, Sterling, VA 20164; Hours Wed and Thurs 4-9 pm; Fri and Sat 9-9 pm and Sun 9-4 pm; 571-313-0226; online booking for events.

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