The Chocolate Palette in Purcellville

“Souls of a Thousand Chocolates in One Cup”

When Inside Loudoun stopped by, Cheryl and her crew at The Chocolate Palette were crazy busy serving a shop full of students who had dropped in after school for something chocolate. The students had come to the right place, and it was clear they already knew that. Though The Chocolate Palette had only been open 11 days, word about delicious chocolate concoctions having popped up in the Gruto’s Soft Serve space was apparently on the street and everywhere else as well. An 11-day reputation was getting a standing ovation.

Cheryl June, mother, wife, dog lover, and self taught cake decorator had a small cake decorating business while overseas with her Army husband. Upon returning to the United States, she considered giving her Chocolate Palette idea a go. With love and support as well as helping hands from friends and family, she subleased Gruto’s for the winter season and began offering warm sipping chocolates and more to meet the winter chill.

Cheryl spoke about the european art of “sipping” chocolate. We are all familiar with packets of chemically flavored powder which when quickly stirred into hot water results in a thin beverage, brown in color, absent of flavor. We may call this hot chocolate, but it has never been conducive to “sipping.” Consequently, we tend to be unfamiliar with the concept of a slow and mindful sip of liquid chocolate.

The Chocolate Palette serves a $5 cup of true, rich, luscious and sultry, luxuriously thick and flavorful hot chocolate after it has been gradually heated, perpetually stirred, is smooth and consistent, thick, syrupy and dark. Cheryl offers four flavors of sipping chocolate, Aztec Life, a bit of a bite in this one which was my favorite; Italian Job, described as luxuriously rich and thick; Salted Caramel, sweet and sassy; and the Classic, simple and delicious. Also on the menu are coffees, desserts like Tiramisu, Chocolate Truffles and a Chocolate Mousse with a texture so smooth, so light and yet so rich in chocolate.

And last, and quite amazing, are Ebelskivers which are deliciously small puffs of Danish pancakes offered with a choice from multiple toppings including ganache sauce, lemon and powdered sugar, bacon and maple syrup, prosciutto and gruyere cheese and whipped cream. Do not leave the Chocolate Palette without an Ebelskiver.

When Cheryl’s friend, Lisa, came to lend a hand during the chocolate rush, she entered the shop and upon seeing the crowd announced, “This is the best place ever! Well worth waiting for!” Not that anyone seemed about to leave, but her enthusiasm was notable. Cheryl says her Chocolate Palette endeavor is, for now, a short term plan slated to continue until March 15th. Gruto’s will be back in the spring with soft serve. In the meantime, Cheryl and her young and hardworking staff will continue sweetening palates at the Chocolate Palette in Purcellville. Don’t miss a chance to indulge!!!

The Chocolate Palette, 141 W Main St, Purcellville, VA

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