Borrowing some lyrics from the timeless language of Carole King, when “this old world starts getting you down”, there’s respite at Cocina on Market in downtown Leesburg where if you “climb way up to the top of the stairs”, you can “get away from the hustling crowd”, and all your “cares just drift right into space”. If you get there early, “there’s room for more than two”, “at night the stars put on a show for free” and it’s “right smack dab in the middle of town”.

Up on Cocina on Market’s roof nursing your favorite Cocina infused Tequila concoction, some guacamole, chips, possibly added grasshoppers, maybe some pickled carrots, you will enjoy a unique perspective on this lovely historic town. You can hear the songs of birds and the summer hum of air conditioners. Lounging at Cocina’s rooftop tables, you’re at eye level or above most downtown rooftops where you’ll see the highest windows of some of Leesburg’s historic homes and buildings, all the architectural features to which you may notherwise have had access. You will be half a block from the Leesburg Courthouse at King and Market Streets right in the center of town. At night from your perch, enjoy the city’s quiet lights, the evening breeze, the stars, some treats from Cocina’s menu and the company of your friends.

According to Cocina’s Trevor Morgen-Westrick, the chef driven menu pushes the bar for Mexican food in the US away from the expected and toward the unusual and unanticipated. As per Trevor, the taco in Mexico is a vehicle with unlimited possibilities for eating anything with anything. Street style Carnitas Tacos are a menu favorite. Another option are the Chapulines Tacos filled with avocado, lime, onion and mole verde, one of the 7 Mexican and 5 french mole sauces at Cocina. The seasonally fresh feature of ingredients dictates change and variety which will be peppered by chef likes and probably mood. Other choices include crispy whole fish, Smoked Portobello, and Beef Short Rib Cemitas possibly with fresh foraged ramps from Lovettsville.

Cocina on Market is open at 11:30 am on weekdays and 11 am on weekends and includes a Sunday brunch. Trevor reminds us that Cocina will take reservations for the indoor dining areas only. His advice is to get there early and stay late for the rooftop. So remember, “On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be” and “darlin, you can share it all with me” up on the roof at Cocina on Market.

Cocina on Market, 7 West Market Street, Leesburg, 571-7078593 or


Rooftop at Cocina on Market

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