It’s Big at Texas Donuts in Centreville

Just Outside Loudoun…

Ken DuPuis, Jessie Peterson, JC Silvey

If you like to dabble in donuts and you live in Loudoun County, you might want to put Texas Donuts in Centreville on your agenda. Two years ago, the owner, a Korean from Texas, opened this small shop in a small strip shopping center and began serving up a variety of delicious, ginormous donuts, some of which might fit in the palm of the Jolly Green Giant. Hence, the name, Texas Donuts. Six nights a week, Texas Donut bakers come to work at 11 pm, start baking at midnight and don’t go home until noon the next day. Around 4:45 am, donut rush hour begins. Outside the Texas Donuts storefront, a line starts to take shape. Some wait in cars with their lights on and their windows steaming up. At 5 am six days a week and 6 am on Sundays, Texas Donuts opens for business. The donut-starved rush in and out, in and out, taking with them boxed collections of their favorites.

Texas Donuts is famous for their giant renditions of standard glazed and cake donuts, coated with icing and sprinkles or cinnamon sugar. Donuts from their “inflated” collection can be special ordered as gifts or for parties and, given their extreme size, can even double as birthday cakes.

Texas Donuts also will literally inject their donuts, at your request, with the filling of your choice: bavarian creme, strawberry, raspberry or lemon. Pay special attention to the Croughnut in the display case. This decadent donut is a merger of croissant and donut with a crispy outer glaze and delightfully doughy center. And then there are the Kolaches, a Texas donut shop treat new to Virginia. A Kolache is a sausage with cheese wrapped in a sweeter danish pastry dough and baked. Texans know to expect Kolaches at a true Texas Donut shop. Virginians are just getting to know what a Texas-style donut shop with Kolaches and more really offers up. Texas Donuts. It’s Big.

Texas Donuts, 13830 Lee Hwy #4, Centreville, VA 20120, 703-543-8343, Monday through Saturday open 5am-3pm and Sunday 6 am to 3 pm.

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