Dunn From Scratch Makes Sweets Treats From Her Baker’s Kitchen

Helen Dunn, Owner

She got off to a sweet start baking luxury treats for friends, neighbors and other folks here and there. Then came her creation of a wedding cake for a friend. That cake changed everything because it compelled Helen Dunn, owner of Dunn From Scratch Bakery, to take her ample skills to the next level. In January of 2017, she launched a full fledged bakery business from her own kitchen in Lucketts, Virginia.

Her specialty, according to loyal customers, are her custom cakes though Helen modestly claims to not be a cake decorator. Not true. Take for example the petite birthday wonder cake Helen created for a three-year-old obsessed with tutus. Crowning a gold platter, dressed in white icing lathered with sprinkles and crowned with six swirly piles of fuschia icing each crowned again with a standing sugar cookie star, this girlie sweet and fancy concoction was an aptly decorated treat for the intended Tutu Princess and her court. Helen also is famous for her Lemon Blueberry Scones which some of her customers order on a weekly basis. Her personal favorite is the Nutella stuffed scone. Speaking of stuffing, she makes a super sweet sprinkle cookie stuffed with yummy icing. Dunn From Scratch Bakery does it all…cupcakes, pies, one of a kind cakes, cookies…you name it! Dunn does it!

Helen hopes to operate a food truck in the not so distant future. In the meantime, she bakes for customers, special orders, delivers weekly to Parallel Wines. Dunn From Scratch Bakery can be reached at http://www.dunnfromscratch.com on Instagram and on Facebook.

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