CoolMama Fresh Granola, Like Sunshine and Love

Angela Marsh (aka Cool Mama), Owner

When Angela Marsh was in college, she worked at restaurants and in catering. Her friends called her “Cool Mama” which was ironic since at the time, she didn’t see children in her future. Still, she liked the nickname enough to decide that if down the road she ever went into business for herself she would rekindle Cool Mama into a business name. Hence, some thirty years and two babies later, she’s the Cool Mama of CoolMama Fresh Granola.

CoolMama’s first product endeavor came in a jar but required refrigeration, which prohibited it from gift basket inclusion so she whipped up a granola concoction instead.  The extreme popularity of that first homemade granola was the vehicle that took her over the river and through the woods to what is now CoolMama Fresh.

Why is Cool Mama Fresh Granola special? Angela looks away, tips her head, smiles to herself and hesitatingly replies “Welllll…, I use ingredients that taste like…,” and she whispers with emphasis, “…Sunshine!” She goes on to say, “I mix it together, HONESTLY, with a lot of care…I know it sounds cheesy…and a lot of love.” So as Cool Mama tells it, those select rich wholesome ingredients lovingly hand mixed in small batches in the warmth of her own kitchen is the recipe for her edible rays .

CoolMama’s granola comes in three flavors, all gluten free. Her “old favorite” the original Crazy Good Almond Granola is chunky full of almonds, hazelnuts, butterscotch and honey. Crazy But Not Nuts is fresh pumpkin seeds, stone ground hemp seed and golden flax seeds. Her “new favorite” is the unique Savory Granola made with less sugar and a little bit of spice. CoolMama Fresh granola is a snacking granola packaged in big chunks right out of the jar. It can be crumbled and eaten like cereal with cold milk and berries, sprinkled on top of peanut butter on toast. The new Savory Granola can be added in crouton-like chunks to pumpkin, squash or even tomato soups. And here’s a pro tip direct from Cool Mama: Heat chunks of granola, scoop vanilla ice cream on top and drizzle with honey!

CoolMama Fresh Granola can be found year round at the Saturday morning Leesburg Farmers Market, 1602 Village Market Boulevard and at the Saturday morning Mosaic Farmers Market, 2910 District Avenue in Fairfax, March through December. CoolMama Fresh also makes an appearance at Willowsford Farm Stand, 23595 Founders Drive in Ashburn from April through November, year round at CEA Farms, 15485 Purcellville Road in Purcellville and at thee Saturday morning Loudoun Station Farmers Market, 43780 Central Station Boulevard, Ashburn, April through October. Details are available at

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