LoCo List: Burgers with the “Burger King”

The burger is a culinary icon. It’s a staple by which restaurants are judged, friends are made, and lines are drawn. Type the words “best burger” on social media to start a list… and maybe a war. We’ve been talking burgers since Inside Loudoun was founded but we simply couldn’t agree on what makes a great burger.

Fortunately, we don’t have to. Paul Tomaselli, who you know from his signature one-handed, double-stacked burger pics on Instagram and Northern Virginia Foodies, is a self-professed burger lover. He eats for a living and burgers are his meal of choice about 7 times each week. So, we left it up to Paul: create the definitive Burger Bucket List for Loudoun County.

It was easy work for the man. Paul listed off his favorite burgers without hesitation. He even gave out honorable mentions. So, loosen your waistband, gas up the car and get ready to experience Loudoun’s best burgers.

Loudoun’s Burger Bucket List

Tasting Notes: Paul orders his burgers medium rare and often with double (or triple) patties in lieu of a side. He loves ooze… be it cheese, egg yolk or a house-made sauce.

Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers 525 East Market Street in Leesburg

Paul’s pick: The Philly Burger when they have it, Burger of the Month anytime
Right now, Melt is serving up the incredible Diner “Blue Plate” Special, a premium beef burger topped with apple-wood smoked bacon, homemade pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, a sunny-side-up egg and special house sauce.

b One Loudoun 20416 Exchange Street in Ashburn

Paul’s pick: Philly Steak Burger with extra cheese sauce
The Philly features sliced steak, garlic mayo, mushrooms, and onions. The American cheese sauce is a worth addition if you like your cheesesteaks ‘wit whiz.’

Market Burger 145 W. Main Street in Purcellville

Paul’s pick: The “Cocina on Market” Burger
Cocina on Market is Jason Lage’s Mexican place in Leesburg. Their chorizo, like the rest of their food, is made fresh with local ingredients. Take that chorizo, and add chipotle mayo, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, avocado, and raw onions for a burger with serious flavor.

The Burger Shack 42841 Creek View Plaza in Ashburn

Paul’s pick: Ring of Fire
The second location for this family-owned specialty burger place tops double patties with pickled jalapeno, onion rings, pepper jack cheese, and sriracha mayo. It’s spicy but not too spicy – and it’s the perfect reason to order one of their shakes.

Burger 21 3800 Central Station Dr #100, Ashburn

Paul’s pick: The special burger of the month (released on the 21st)
Try the Cuban Burger, a mojo-seasoned pork patty topped with grilled ham, salami, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. It makes “tangy” the word of the week.

BurgerFi Village of Leesburg, 1608 Village Market Blvd in Leesburg

Paul’s pick: Breakfast All Day Burger
It’s hard for me to get past the crazy-good VegeFi burger but Paul swears breakfast for dinner is a worthy trade. This one is an angus burger topped with American cheese, bacon, a fried egg, hash browns, and grilled onions then finished with maple syrup and a swirl of ketchup.

The Habit Burger Grill Belmont Chase, 19855 Belmont Chase Dr. in Ashburn

Paul’s pick: The Santa Barbara Char
The Santa Barbara starts with two chargrilled patties, topped with cheese and avocado served up on grilled sourdough. There’s beauty in its simplicity.

Honorable mentions: Dancing Cow, Yummy Pig, Roots 657, DC Prime, Bar Louie and the All the Way at Five Guys.

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