The Azelia: The Mega Chocolate Sundae

We’ve never seen a dessert quite like it! Layer upon layer, it’s a masterpiece of pure decadence, a fantasy in a bowl aptly described by Chef Santosh as the mega chocolate sundae. He has carefully selected each magical ingredient like hazelnut ganache, perfectly placed dark chocolate brownie, crumbled cocoa crack (yes, that is a thing), round scoops of brown butter pecan praline ice cream, Kahlua coffee ice cream, drizzled chocolate caramel sauce, cocoa meringue, dollops of vanilla bean chantilly, cocoa cotton candy, sprinkled pop rocks, and more. Yes, believe it or not, there are MORE hidden sweet surprises in there.

The Azelia evokes many emotions. Initially, shock and awe. Eyes widen. Jaws drop. There may have even been drool. We behold the presentation. The magnificent bowl and the gold chariot it rides in on. Dry ice vapor dances around the base. Cotton candy crowns the rim of layers upon layers of chocolatey lushness.  

Chef Santosh excitedly scoops his creation onto plates for each of us. A chorus of WOWs can be heard from our table of five. We mirror chef’s excitement and can’t wait to dig in.

Each spoonful was a chocolate dream. Close your eyes now and imagine all of the chocolate flavors you fancy. They were all there in that first bite. There’s crunchy, there’s creamy, there’s rich, and there’s definitely sweet. We each clean our plates. We would have licked them, but that may have been inappropriate at The Conche.  Secretly, we all wanted to.

Chef Santosh, you outdid yourself and have even one-upped the famous Conche Entremet. The Azelia is a dream and we’re delighted to have experienced it.

The Azelia, serving 6-8 people, can be found at The Conche at 1605 Village Market Blvd SE, #J108 Leesburg, VA 20175.

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