French Hound Brasserie

Taking the relaxed, personable feel and elegant but simple menu from classic French restaurants, one might think that the French Hound Brasserie was an actual French restaurant located on a street facing the Eiffel Tower. Located right in the Lansdowne area, this quaint restaurant is perfect for getting classic French style delicacies without breaking the bank.

A traditional French brasserie is a casual restaurant where someone can come in, alone or with family or friends, and feel welcome and at home. Comfort at its finest, manifested in both the food and in the service. French Hound Brasserie maintains this tradition with great success, offering a wide selection of sumptuous savory menu items that include French classics such as escargot (don’t be afraid- these snails are to die for!) and Canard au Poivre (seared duck breast and house made gnocchi). Of course, you have to check out the ‘Moules’ (mussels), a classic of French cooking. The mussels are steamed to perfection in a whole grain mustard and anise broth, which give the mussels a creamy, rustic taste and a delicate, velvety mouthfeel.

If you’re feeling a little more traditionally American, but want those French flavors, check out French Hound’s pizza selections. The smoked salmon, crème fraiche, lemon confit, capers and arugula pizza is the exact representation of what French cooking is all about in a single bite: food prepared with not only care, but a classic approach that uses cheese, wine, and butter to melt your inner anxieties away into culinary coziness.

No French style restaurant is without a great selection of wines either. At French Hound Brasserie, you’ll find a rich selection sold by the bottle and by the glass. Some recommended glasses to try are the Laguna Chardonnay Russian River, an effervescent and full bodied sip with just a subtle touch of vanilla and melon, or the Ch Haut-La Péeyre Bordeaux, with it’s unique blend of spices that pair perfectly with the Canard au Poivre. If you’re looking for a whole bottle, then try out the Freemark Abby Cab Sauv, which has a great mix of sweet, dark fruit and savory tastes of black pepper. This wine would go great with the ratatouille pizza or the Pâtes Pistou de Roquette et Amandes (a fresh tagliatelle pasta with arugula, squash, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes).

Finish up your dining experience by indulging in some French style dessert. The Crème Brûlée a la Vanille, a vanilla flavored custard with a toasted top that gives a nice bitter and crunchy contrast to the creamy softness of the custard. If savory is more up your alley, than the Assiette de Fromages Variés is a fantastic cap to a great meal. It essentially is a mix of artisan crafted cheeses and accompaniments that change as foods come in and out of season.

French Hound is located the Lansdowne Town Center in Leesburg. They are open in between Tuesday and Saturday from 11-11, and on Sundays at 11-9.

For more information, call 571-333-1881 or go to

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