The Conche

Why should chocolate, one of our most popular flavorings, be indulged in only at dessert? For The Conche, chocolate comes together with not only dessert, but also unique savory dishes and sumptuous cocktails. The Conche’s chocolate themed restaurant is a fantastic opportunity to rock the taste buds with the smooth and complex flavors that chocolate has to offer.

The Conche, located in the Village at Leesburg, is named after a processs by which prolonged churning and stirring of the cocoa helps to aerate and create an even consistency. For founder Chef Santosh Tiptur, the name is indicative of not only the high standards by which he operates, but also how passionate about chocolate that he and his dedicated staff are. Chef Tiptur is world renowned for his pastry creations, and has appeared on Food Network. 

Unique to The Coche is their dedication to getting people to fall in love with sweet culinary creations beyond just cake mixes and chocolate bars- The Coche offers classes that teach the fundamentals of making chocolate, an opportunity to enrich and excite curious students into discovering the locked away chef inside of them. 

While at The Coche, make sure to try out their Beef Slider Trio, which uses a delectable chocolate barbecue sauce on braised short ribs. The cocoa rubbed New York strip steak, made with a chocolate burgundy reduction, is a perfect marriage of savory and sweet.

The Conche’s particular brand makes for a perfect cocktail. Try out a Conche old Fashion, which combines bourbon with Aztec chocolate bitters, orange bitters, and simple syrup, giving an old classic a new twist. The Honey Buzz will perk you right up after a long day, with its mix of Bourbon, Bailey’s, honey, and a shot of expresso. If you really want to get your chocolate on, check out some of The Conche’s more adult cocoas and hot chocolates, which mix dark chocolate and a mix of alcoholic milks, and can be served hot or iced. As the winter creeps up, it’s not a bad idea to really warm up with a nip of Tipsy Hot Chocolate!

For the foodies, you have to try out The Conche’s 5 course tasting experience. Starting off with an amuse bouche, the next two courses are your choice of the chef selected dishes, which includes both more chocolatey dishes and those that are more classically made. The next course features choices of the mouth-watering desserts, which include the Jivara (whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate cake, passion fruit jelly, sorbet, and sauce) and the brownie popcorn sundae (dark chocolate brownie and ice cream, topped with caramelized popcorn and Dulcey blond chocolate cremeux). The final course features a chef’s choice of two artisanal and handcrafted bon-bons.

The Coche is open from 11 am till 9 on weekdays, and till 10 on weekends. Dinner is served between 4 and 9 Tuesday through Thursday, and between 4 and 10 on weekends. Sunday brunch is served 11am till 2:30. 

For more information, visit or call 703-779-1800

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