Cocina on Market

Many restaurants claim the importance of fresh produce and meat- but how many actually commit to a fresh menu as well?  As the season change, ingredients come in and out of their peak freshness, where they will be at their most tasty. As a result, restaurants that use the same exact ingredients through the seasons dip in quality because they are using out of season ingredients. At Cocina on Market, though, they make the promise that, as the seasons change, as the weather changes, and even as their interests change, this will be reflected in their menu and ingredient choice. This dedication and passion for the freshest ingredients makes Cocina on Market stand out from other Mexican style restaurants, elevating their meals to the stratosphere, and keeps their guests and staff excited and passionate. Ingredients are also sourced from local vendor, farms, and breweries, ensuring that each bite you take is at it’s highest quality and freshness. 

Cocina on Market’s most recent menu (as of November 2017) features a slew of delicious, fall inspired dishes.  The small plate selection, inspired by street vendors and fondas, includes a few choice tacos. Check out the charred Brussel sprouts taco, which features a sweet and savory spiced apple and pecan salsa and smoked agave nectar. This autumn vegetable has never tasted more decadent! Check out too the pork belly al pastor, which includes a delicious roasted pork belly with tangy pineapple and picked red onions. The mix of the salty and creamy pork belly and the sweetness of the pineapple pair nicely, and the red onion gives the taco an extra bit of sharpness that makes this simple dish that much more complex in flavor. The fall mushroom tostada, with its mix of charred scallion, arugula, poached egg, and cheese is the personification of the season- crisp, warm, and comforting. These tacos are lovingly handcrafted and are only a couple of bites large, so feel free to take a little taste of everything Cocina on Market has to offer!

Some fantastic interpretations of classic Mexican dishes include a fried octopus, accompanied by a chorizo spiced pork belly and heirloom potatoes. The heat of the pork belly and chorizo spice pairs perfectly with the octopus’s delicate, slightly sweet flavor. The carne asada, perhaps one of the most famous of Mexican dishes, features a 45-day aged filet of beef, upscale refried beans, roasted peppers, and mixed herb salsa.

Who can resist a delicious Mexican cocktail? Tequila, with it’s mix of sweet agave flavoring and a subtle fruity flavor, is perfect to mix drinks with. The Mula de Mezcal, a variation of the Moscow Mule, which replaces vodka with a Vida Mezcal tequila. The Mula de Mezcal also is sweetened with a bit of pineapple, brining the taste of a sunset on a Mexican beach straight into your cup. Try also the Cherry Tequila Limeade, which mixes soda, limeade, and a cherry influed blanco tequila to create a sweet and smooth flavor paring that will lift your spirits sky high. Looking to get a little taste of tequila, without the frills? Cocina on Market features flights of tequilas, where you can get a taste of blanco, reposado, and añejo tequilas.

Come in between 4 and 6pm any Tuesday through Friday for great offers on Happy Hour menu items!

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