From restaurants and vineyards to outdoor adventures and local personalities, Inside Loudoun is your go-to source for the best eats, drinks, places, and people in Loudoun County. With a deep love and appreciation for our county, we give you an insider’s perspective to experience the best of life in Loudoun.

Whether you’re a life timer, a newcomer, a visitor or a passer-through, Inside Loudoun knows our county will steal your heart, raise your spirits, and push beyond your horizons. From the Shenandoah to the Potomac and across the Appalachian Trail, from the buzz of urban style to the hum of our more rural landscapes, the surrounding art and beauty will draw you in. Our history will fire up your curiosity. Our restaurants will feed your cravings. Our vineyards and breweries will refresh and quench your thirst for all things. We are contemporary though founded on tradition. Our county offers hip, new restaurants, old fashioned fairs, choreographed airshows, and live music all without the big city travel. Our towns are historic. Our energy stretches from the past vibrantly into today and beyond. Life abounds here for our children who are surrounded by opportunities to thrive in a diverse community of culture, people and ideas. Inside Loudoun enthusiastically invites you to come see all this for yourself. We’re friends, family, neighbors. We’re all here because we love this place. Learn who we are, how we live, and why we love Loudoun.

About JC Silvey

JC is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and former Navy Attack Pilot.  After graduating with a degree in Economics, he spent 8 years on active duty and flew multiple combat missions over Somalia, Bosnia and Iraq.

In 2001, he founded the appraisal firm Silvey Residential and has completed over 3000 residential property valuations in Northern Virginia.  Since 2014, Silvey Residential has focused largely on representing Buyers and Sellers in their real estate transactions.

JC has lived in Loudoun County since 1996 with his wife and 4 children.

If you are looking for real estate advice or would like to hear JC’s story about how 9/11 influenced his decision to start his real estate business, check out his website here.


About Jessie Peterson

Jessie is an avid freelance photographer, outdoor enthusiast, snow boardist, and marketing and social media specialist who has lived all over the East Coast and is now happily settled and loving life in Loudoun. She graduated from Gettysburg College with a degree in Psychology fully intending to continue the child development research she had begun at NICHD. Post graduation, however, she entered the advertising industry where she merged her keen observation of social trends with her highly accessible wealth of strategic, artistic and creative ideas. Soon, she took on the Directorship of Marketing for Baltimore magazine for over six years.

Jessie is well known for her joie de vis, her unexpected and somewhat kooky sense of humor, her enthusiasm for adventure and her talent for recognizing and celebrating the simple and the grand in life. Given that she is a consumate explorer, the opportunity to connect to Inside Loudoun and to vigorously share her affection for this county was a no brainer. She enjoys scouting out the numerous gifts that make life in Loudoun unique, creating a buzz about what she learns, and then watching events unfold.

Jessie is a loyal Loudounite yet her greatest love is for her three preciously free spirited children and her husband and partner, Damon, and all the memories they are creating together.

About Ken DuPuis

“Mise-en-scene”….Ken loves visually creating the perfect frame. “It’s not always about the composition, but that emotion inside the frame: The smile, the tear, the action, and even the choreography. It’s the story that drives me.” Ken graduated film school (quite some time ago) and immediately started working in the industry as a production assistant learning as much as he could on set. “College was great, but the street smarts is where I honed my craft”. Ken soon began directing commercials, music videos and tv show opens for the company he founded, Smash! TV, in Los Angeles. He has over 30 years in the television industry. Tired of the rat race called L.A., he picked up and moved to rural Virginia for a change of pace. He currently resides in Loudoun County at the far west end of Purcellville. “I came on a whim with the intent to stay a year and feel it out…that year turned into 17.”

“Inside Loudoun is a way for me to do what I love to do, be creative in my own backyard and connect with the Loudoun community.” Ken has three grown children and an Australian Shepard named Karma. He loves the outdoors and spends as much time as possible on his boat on the Chesapeake Bay.